Indistinct but not blurred vision with a propensity to headaches, tired and watery eyes and a possible likleyhood of migraines.


Many people suffer itchy, dry and inflamed skin around the eyes and particularly the eye lids and their margins needlessly. If this sounds familiar and you, or someone close to you, has this problem then you need look no further for the answer.

Dry Eye Conditions

Because a Dry Eye Condition can be caused by a number of varying tear disorders no one drop will cover all the requirements for each type, and it is not easy to decide on whether the symptoms are created by tear flow, drainage or composition.

Long Sight (Hypermetropia or Hyperopia)

In the young to teenage years very little evidence of symptoms are noted. Some will complain of tired or itchy eyes particularly when concentrated viewing at distance and more so for close work is undertaken.

Reading difficulties

At the age of 40 plus things that used to be easy to see are becoming blurred, your watch, small print, and threading needles. Presbyopia is Greek for old eyes which is a little harsh in our increased longevity.

Short Sight (Myopia)

Visual symptoms,  cause, correction, onset & progression.

Simple Eye Conditions

The eye is a precise image capturing device that relies on an image being formed on the retina by the focussing of light rays through the cornea and fine tuned by the internal lens. Given that the tolerances for good vision are extremely small and that these rely on the correct focussing power given the axial length of the eye all of which one would expect to be as variable as the size of any other part of our body it is a small miracle that many of us need no correction until in later life. When such a perfect fit is not present we end up with a need for optical correction.

Squints, Lazy Eyes, and Wandering Eyes

The treatment of squints, muscle failure and diplopia (double vision) is mainly carried out in secondary care, but there are Optometrists specializing in muscle training and treatments for lazy eyes