Sunglasses, Tints & Coatings

Sunglasses have always made a large fashion statement and have a much faster turnover in style and design.

In the past only contact lens wearers could look forward to the benefits of wearing them but now with new lens designs spectacle wearers can buy tinted prescription lenses even in the wrap around designs seen today.

All sunglasses sold in the UK should display a UV 400 guarantee of UV light ray reduction. These can be harmful to eyes in bright sunlight and it is worth putting a clear UV filter tint on your clear spectacles and prescription sunglasses for the same reason. Opticians rarely suggest this for some unknown reason.

Sunglasses can also be photochromic, (light sensitive), polarised hard coated to reduce scratching of the lenses and graduated to cut our glare from above but allow more light in the reading position