Early visual problems occurring in Pre term birth babies

With the ever increasing successes in sustaining the lives of very early pre term deliveries usually associated with low weight and respiration problems the down side has been the large increase in severely visually affected babies often with long lasting affects.

Eye Care in Pregnancy

Although free eyecare is not extended outside the normal groups for pregnant women this is not to say that it is not recommended.
Indeed with so many changes occurring in a Women’s body it is hardly surprising that there will be a greater likelihood of changes showing up in either Visual problems or in the eye or surrounding tissues and tear flow.

Nutrition and the Eye Introduction

Whenever one looks at the array of vitamins and supplements in drug stores these days it always reminds us of giving our pets a pill a day to keep their coats glossy and their noses wet. But there is a serious side to supplements and that is that many scientists, doctors and subsequent controlled tests are beginning to agree that supplemented good nutrition with supplements can prevent loss of sight and reduce the effects of visual loss already experienced.