Following on from boys who wear glasses never make passes, (modern day version: girls who wear specs never have sex) comes the belief that bespectacled folk never play sport.

This is of course a total fallacy as not only is there a spectacle appliance suitable for almost every sport, there is indeed a specialist spectacle frame and lens type that will give you a superior advantage.

Remember too that those involved in outside activities share the additional risk of UV sunlight exposure that can easily be remedied with the correct tint whilst those in active racquet sports require protection from ball and bat also solved with the correct safety eyewear and lenses.

So what does your optician have in his armoury to improve your sports handicap?

Here are a few suggestions

Choosing a wrap around lens with the correctly chosen tint can do wonders for spotting golf and cricket balls on green or blue sky backgrounds.

Why go swimming in the sea or at the municipal pool when you can’t enjoy the view without your specs when swimming goggles and masks can be provided with your prescription?

Skiing? Cut out the white outs and see the wood for the trees with correctly prescribed ski eyewear and masks.

More sedentary sports occupations, like snooker still have the opportunity to wear snooker specs to help pot that long black.