As we are all enjoying a more active and longer life, the occurrence of cataracts is far more prevalent. This is a misting of vision caused by normal ageing problems of the lens inside your eye which loses its transparency giving you a view of the world as if looking through a steamy or frosted window.


Glaucoma is caused by raised pressure in the chamber of the eye immediately in front of the lens and behind the cornea. There is a continuous flux of fresh fluid being produced in the eye and old fluid being drained out which normally remains in balance

Retinal Detachments

This is a condition caused by a wide variety of conditions both from eye disease and structural failure. The retina contains all the visual receptors necessary for vision and is supplied constantly by blood vessels. If the retina is separated from its support structure, the nerve cells will soon die.

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)

An inherited disease caused by gene defects instructing the cells in the retina to miss fire. There are a number of hereditary routes to RP, either male only with females as carriers (X linked) familial inheritance where both male and female siblings have a 50% chance of suffering RP from one of their parents and recessive inheritance where two carriers create a 25% chance of a sibling with RP whilst there appears to be no familial link.

Sight threatening vision disorders

The eye is generally a robust and healthy sense organ, but from time to time serious defects occur either through a natural ageing process of the eye, genetic malfunctioning or a deterioration brought on by other general health issues.

The effects on vision by diabetes

There is a predicted dramatic increase in Type 2 Diabetes in the population in addition to those earlier in life with insulin dependent type 1 diabetes. Having diabetes does not necessarily mean that your sight will be affected but if it is early diagnosis and treatment is essential to stop reduction or loss of vision.