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Optique Opticians only specialise in the best sunglasses in the world – namely the Serengeti, the worlds most technically advanced driving sunglasses.

Why are Serengeti the best sunglasses in the world?

The Serengeti lens cuts through fog and haze, improves contrast and sharpens road details.

The best polarization – Elimination of any glare phenomenon thanks to their high quality polarizing lenses.

Serengeti inserts a top quality polarizing film directly between two layers of lens preventing the film from being worn down, altered or moved out of position.  It works rather like a venation blind to eliminate the risk of glare by absorbing the harmful and distracting perpendicular light rays (light reflected off a flat surface such as snow, sand or water). It is due to the Polaroid effect that allows anglers to see the fish underneath the glare of the water.

Various types of glare (reflection of the control panel on the windscreen, reflected light, sunshine etc) often affect drivers. Serengeti drivers, incorporating a polarizing filter between two layers of glass eliminate 99% of such glare phenomena.

Reduction of eyestrain with the help of a patented lens technology that filters out blue light.

Serengeti sunglasses incorporate a filter known as “spectral control” which blocks 95% of the distracting blue light responsible for ocular lesions or reduced visual acuity. “Blue blur” happens when blue light, the shortest of the light wavelengths focuses in front of the eye’s retina, instead of the back where other wavelengths focus. This natural phenomenon reduces the sharpness of images and causes eyestrain and fatigue. Blue light is also responsible for a phenomenon called “veiling glare”. This occurs when blue light scatters off dust and moisture particles, most commonly encountered during fog, rain, snow & overcast conditions. Serengeti lenses filter 95% of these blue light waves. With Serengeti sunglasses, glare is cut yet colours appear true for clearer, sharper images. Many sunglasses eliminate blue blur by filtering out all the blue light, & while this does get rid of blue blur, it also distorts the colours you see. Serengeti lenses are superior because they block most, but not all, of these short blue light waves & meets all ANSI requirements for colour balance. This allows a rich, colour balanced view of the world.

Serengeti lenses also pass the Traffic Signal Recognition Test, an examination of the amount of red light a lens actually blocks. If the red light of the traffic signal can be seen as red, the sunglasses pass. If the red light is seen as black, which happens in most “blue-blocking” sunglasses, the sunglasses fail. And the lenses, that don’t pass this test, can make driving unsafe.

UV Protection

Prevents the risk of ocular lesions caused by harmful UV ray: Tumours, dry eye syndrome, cataracts, retinopathy, ARMD etc. Maximum anti-UV protection, with an anti reflection treatment on the inner surface blocking 99.8% of rays coming from the sides and from behind that reach the inner surfaces of Serengeti lenses.

Photochromic Quality

All Serengeti sunglasses are photochromatic.

Prevents eye fatigue, Improves contrasts, recommended for all those who are sensitive to strong light. Serengeti lenses automatically change colour according to the intensity of the light for perfect vision whatever the weather. They darken when the sun appears, and lighten when the weather clouds  over.


It is the polarization technique combined with photochromic lenses, blue light and UV protection makes Serengeti the best protective sunglasses ever made.

They are the only sunglasses that allow you to face up to all the visual challenges encountered behind the steering wheel.